Unique Food and Drink Brands and Their Values

Innocent smoothies have quickly grown in popularity and are now sold in most major supermarkets. They taste great and look really healthy. This brand has produced a fairly high end range of smoothies which cost significantly more than most supermarket brands.One of the reasons why this brand has been so successful could be down to the unique packaging that is used. The logo is very recognisable and if you look closely some of the language used on the product is very different. It really addresses the customer and engages with them in a friendly way. The company also claims to care about the environment and they demonstrate this by using sustainable, natural ingredients and sustainable packaging and production.WKD
This alcoholic beverage has had some pretty strong branding put behind it. The brand is certainly targeted as a specific demographic. Young men who live life to the full and take risks are the perfect audience for this brand. Many people are aware of the range of television adverts that are quite memorable because they tend to push the boundaries a little. The ‘Do you have wicked side’ campaign included young men doing some risky things and then indulging in a drink of WKD. Some pretty targeted and well planned branding has gone into this product and it certainly seems to paid off.Gu
This is a high end Chocolate pudding company that has built an army of fans. This company has established some memorable branding and packaging designs that tempt Chocolate lovers in the supermarket. Their most recent video adverts convey class and sophistication and include a play on words. They have developed a phrase that people will remember which centres around the title of the brand. People have come to recognise these puddings as a guilty pleasure that they can enjoy in their own homes.Red Bull
Red Bull seems to be everywhere at the moment and experiencing great success. You can spot the Red Bull logo at many carefully chosen sporting events. The brand has cleverly associated itself with cool and cutting edge sports. For example there is a Red Bull Formula One team and they sponsor quite a few extreme sports.The phrase ‘Red Bull gives you wings’ is very well known and has had a powerful affect on today’s youth. They associate the drink with high energy and powerful mental stimulation.