Unique Food and Drink Brands and Their Values

Innocent smoothies have quickly grown in popularity and are now sold in most major supermarkets. They taste great and look really healthy. This brand has produced a fairly high end range of smoothies which cost significantly more than most supermarket brands.One of the reasons why this brand has been so successful could be down to the unique packaging that is used. The logo is very recognisable and if you look closely some of the language used on the product is very different. It really addresses the customer and engages with them in a friendly way. The company also claims to care about the environment and they demonstrate this by using sustainable, natural ingredients and sustainable packaging and production.WKD
This alcoholic beverage has had some pretty strong branding put behind it. The brand is certainly targeted as a specific demographic. Young men who live life to the full and take risks are the perfect audience for this brand. Many people are aware of the range of television adverts that are quite memorable because they tend to push the boundaries a little. The ‘Do you have wicked side’ campaign included young men doing some risky things and then indulging in a drink of WKD. Some pretty targeted and well planned branding has gone into this product and it certainly seems to paid off.Gu
This is a high end Chocolate pudding company that has built an army of fans. This company has established some memorable branding and packaging designs that tempt Chocolate lovers in the supermarket. Their most recent video adverts convey class and sophistication and include a play on words. They have developed a phrase that people will remember which centres around the title of the brand. People have come to recognise these puddings as a guilty pleasure that they can enjoy in their own homes.Red Bull
Red Bull seems to be everywhere at the moment and experiencing great success. You can spot the Red Bull logo at many carefully chosen sporting events. The brand has cleverly associated itself with cool and cutting edge sports. For example there is a Red Bull Formula One team and they sponsor quite a few extreme sports.The phrase ‘Red Bull gives you wings’ is very well known and has had a powerful affect on today’s youth. They associate the drink with high energy and powerful mental stimulation.

2 Different Ways to Look at What A Successful Person Is

What comes to your mind when you think of the word success? Do you imagine living in a mansion style home and being a millionaire? Society’s definition of success compared to what success really is differs greatly. The concept of success is relative to each person. What may mean success to one person may not be considered a success to another person. This article will look at and analyze both parts.1. Success according to societySociety defines success as when someone achieves a huge reward in cash such as when someone wins the lottery. Usually when we hear of the word success, that word is associated with financial success. Or society will judge someone to be a success when they get married, start a family of their own, live in a nice home in a nice or affluent neighborhood, or if they secure a high paying job position at a company. Society views success through achieving material things. The success that a person achieves when getting that nice home could be wiped away if a tornado or other natural disaster strikes. The high paying position that a person attains at a company could be gone if the company goes bankrupt. The point is that these kinds of things don’t last. The success that you achieve through things such as this are temporary and they won’t necessarily fulfill all of your desires and make you happy. Money, a nice house and a high paying job are all nice things to have to a certain point. But after that, they lose their value because they are material things. That stated, money is important to sustain us because we all need to have food, clothing, and shelter. These are the basic needs to survive in the world.Material things will come and go in life. And let’s say that your health starts to fail. If that happens, there is no way that the money you have can save you because you will die. After your death, you can’t take this money or those material goods with you. They are left behind in this world for someone else to take them.Having wealth is a great thing in some ways. But if it is used in an improper way, wealth can lead someone to commit violence or other kinds of crime. We hear so many stories of famous celebrities here in America that have lots of wealth, large homes and a great movie career, yet they are miserable. Do not let society’s definition of success ruin your self-esteem. Success should mean only what you want it to mean. This is your life to live and no one else can live your life. It is hard to not be influenced by society’s definition of success and not get carried away by it. The way that society views success is actually a very superficial way of looking at this term. Just because someone is financially successful does not mean that they are truly a success. They may have access to incredible amounts of wealth but their relationships with other people may not be very productive.That is not true wealth. I am not saying that having money isn’t a part of wealth because it is. And many of us would like to be wealthy one day. But if the only things that you are after in life are money, a nice house, or a car, then you will base your self-worth on these things. And if you lose one or all of these things then you will not consider yourself a success anymore. Your sense of who you are will be tied to these material things and you will continue to pursue these material things in order to feel fulfilled.2. Another Interesting Way To Look At SuccessThe other side of the issue of what success really should be considered is broader and different compared to the way society views success.If you are still alive, breathing, and in good health, you are a success. If you got a high school diploma, you are a success. If you got one or more college degrees, you are a success. If you were able to hold a job successfully and perform all your duties then you are a success. Do you see how this concept works? Success should mean something different to everyone. Every person is different and they should be given the chance to view success how they want to view it. If you are able to support yourself financially on $15 per hour, then should you not be considered a success? Of course you should be considered a success even if you earn a lower salary than your friends do. If you earn a lower salary and you are happier than someone who earns millions of dollars but they are unhappy, guess which person would be happier? You would be happier than the other person because you are living a life of better quality than the rich person that is unhappy.Surveys every year indicate that people in countries such as Mexico and Venezuela are happier in general than the average American, British or German. It seems to me that the less you have, you tend to appreciate what you already have much more. And it is part of human nature that the more we have, the more that we want because many people feel that what they have is not enough. I am actually not like many people because I already appreciate what I have and although there are certain things that I desire, I won’t complain.After all, what good is the large amount of money, a big home and two cars going to do for you if for example you have a disease such as cancer? The money or the home or the cars won’t save your health in that situation. Success should not be limited to having large amounts of wealth, two cars and a nice big home for you and your family to live in. You should define success how you wish to define it. You are more successful than you think you are if you look at your situation really closely. You will have lots of things to be grateful for even if you are not living the life of a celebrity. Dr. John Demartini, one of the speakers in the DVD movie The Secret said something that should be an inspiration to all of us.”Gratitude is the key that opens the door to the human heart.”You have open up your heart by being grateful for what you have. It is said that the more you are grateful for what you have now, the more that you will get in the future. Open up your heart to gratitude and you will see just how your life will be changed for the better. I have been practicing this technique for several years and see just how much more amazing and awesome my life has become.Do not be carried away by society’s definition of success. If there is one thing that I would like you to remember from this article it is that you should define success the way that you want to define it. It doesn’t matter if the media views success in another way. That definition of success is really superficial in nature. If you consider yourself to be a success then that is what you are and what you will become as you keep viewing yourself as a success. Remember that you sense of self and who you really are isn’t based on the amount of material things that you have. You are a human being that has the potential and ability to think and reason. Start seeing yourself as a success and over time you will become a success. How much you see yourself as a success depends on what success means to you.